Incorporated in 1906, Godfrey has been known by many names through its long history, including Hamburg, Evansville, Antioch and Egypt. The present name came from a prominent citizen, Dr. James Ervine Godfrey, who married into the local Walton family. The commercial center of Godfrey contained, at one time, eight stores, a bank, barber shop, livery stable, icehouse, cotton gin, warehouse, peach shed, railroad depot and Walton's Mill. The Godfrey Post Office was established in 1880. Two Baptist churches and one Methodist church are located in Godfrey.

The school, constructed near the Anitoch Baptist Church in the early 1900's, was consolidated into the Morgan County school system after closing in 1956. Prior to the proliferation of automobiles, Godfrey was dependent on the Central of Georgia railroad for travel, mail and shipment of goods. Godfrey today is a farming and residential community.